Do You Know Your Evacuation Zone?

Evacuations are more common than people realize. Many communities have designated evacuation routes and some even have evacuation zones. If the local map for your area is hard to understand or is listed as unavailable, contact your local emergency management officials to learn more. If your community has an evacuation zone map online and it is not listed here, please send the link to info@flash.org, and your map will be added to the list. Click here to Find Your Evacuation Zone

How else can I find out if I am in an evacuation zone? If you live in a coastal community from Texas to Maine, click the link above and search for your city, county, parish, or region. If your community is not listed, contact your local emergency management officials and ask for evacuation zone information. Your map may be located on your community’s website and you may locate it using a Google search with this phrase: site: www.insertyourcitywebsitehere evacuation zone surge map.

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